Claim Your 2015 Booth Space at 2002 Prices!

Today’s Fun Fact:  Crafters’ Clearance has only raised booth rent twice in our 15 years.  The first rate increase came after our first show proved to be a success, and the second was in 2011, after we substantially increased our advertising budget and school district cuts forced us to pay hefty building-use fees.

But we didn’t really increase our fees that second time, because at the same time, we instituted the Early Bird Discount.  This little line on your show application entitles you to reserve your 2015 booth at the same price you would have paid for the much smaller and less successful 2002 show!  The catch is that you must postmark your application by Halloween (October 31)!

2014-10-30 07.17.37

Some of you will have received applications with a November 15 deadline this year, due to some delays on our end.  We try to be reasonable, fair, and kind, so while of course we’d LOVE to see your application later this week, you all have an extra two weeks to take advantage of this super offer.

Another fun fact:  assuming your application is received before the December 31 deadline, we will not deposit your check until a week after your acceptance is mailed.  So if you’ve got a wary eye on that pre-holiday checkbook balance, fear not.

Get those applications filled out now!  We can’t wait to see you at the show in February!


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