Great Goods, in which Art Meets Utility: Behold, Personal Defense Artillery!


The thing I love about managing artists for the Crafters’ Clearance is the wide variety of wonderful items that show up for sale.  Every application envelope contains some new adventure–sometimes the artist who got distracted and forgot to include the application at all, sometimes a drop-dead gorgeous set of photos, and sometimes… well, something that just makes me smile.

Enter the Personal Defense Artillery, a beautifully-crafted wooden handgun specifically designed to hurl marshmallows at anyone or anything that deserves to have a marshmallow thrown at it.

Of course, you could play it safe and set up a target competition right there in the kitchen.  Or you could live dangerously and fire directly into a steaming mug of cocoa.  But also consider how beautifully this piece of sculpture would fit into any office setting–and just how useful it might prove to be.

Ladies:  if you are looking for a perfect gift for that manly hunk o’ Valentine, this just might be the thing!  Don’t miss the Ancient Artillery booth at our show–or if you can’t wait until February 7, visit their website:


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