The Best Deal in the Show


Many people come to the Crafters’ Clearance hoping to take advantage of once-a-year sale prices being offered by local artisans.  You’ll also find handcrafters offering scratch-and-dent, overstock, holiday clearance, and even going-out-of-business sales.  And of course it’s always a great deal to skip the trip to Chinese-Imports-R-Us, and get original handcrafted items directly from the folks who create them!

The VERY BEST deal of them all, however, is our Love the Band, Love the Deal coupon book!  This year’s edition is filled with scores of exclusive offers from our artists, ranging from buy-one-get-one and percent-off discounts to outright freebies!  Using a single coupon will save you the $3 you paid for the book, which also contains booth layouts and other helpful information.

But wait, there’s more!  When you pick up a booklet, you can also enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that 100% of the purchase price went directly into the Instrumental Music Boosters’ scholarship fund.  Help a needy musician, and help yourself to a pile of savings!


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