See You Tomorrow! And here are a few fun facts while you wait…


Yep, folks, the big day is TOMORROW!!!  (That’s Saturday, February 7, from 10 a.m. til 4 p.m.)  Come early for the best selection, come late for the best deals, and stay in between–the Crafters’ Cafe has a yummy lunch waiting for you!
As we finish up our paperwork, load up our vans and trailers, and prepare for the amazing shopping day ahead, let’s share a few fun facts:

  • Our first show was in 2001, and we have a bunch of artists who’ve been with us every year since the very beginning–including (but not limited to) Authentic Creations (jewelry, booth 64), Motown Soup (food mixes, booth 122), Heart & Soul Designs (jewelry, booth 76), Yvonne Anderson (home items, booths 153-154), Shirley Krysztof (the pillow lady, booth 119), and M&M Creations (jewelry, booth 121).2011Show28
  • The stack of show applications sitting on our artist manager’s desk this morning is 8 inches tall.  That’s a whole lot of wonderful stuff, carefully chosen to present our shoppers with a huge variety of goods.
  • By far our most competitive category, we allow only 12-15% of our booths to be jewelry.  This year we have a superb collection to offer: from painstakingly-woven Swarovski crystals (J &K Jewelry, booth 18) to wood pendants (Okavark, booth 31) to cast metal and chainmaille (Caminus Vulcanii, booth 35).
  • The artist most local to us lives just a couple of blocks away (Carolyn’s embellished apparel, in booth 16, is also in that “every year since 2001” category), and we also have artists from Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and way far up north in Michigan.

Don’t miss any of it!  Grab some friends, and we’ll see you tomorrow!



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