Hurry! Get your show booth at a substantial discount by October 31!

It happens every year:

John, a painter, pays $115 for his booth at the Crafters’ Clearance.
Sally, a photographer, pays $100 for her booth.
Millicent, a soapmaker, pays $85 for her booth.

The difference?

John waited until after the first of the year to apply, and paid the $15 late-application fee.

Sally applied during November or December and paid the standard booth rate.

But Millicent took advantage of our Early Bird Discount, and mailed her show application in time for Halloween.  Not only did she save $30, but she received some preference in booth placement, thus getting a nicer spot in the show than either John or Sally.  Plus, she got to relax over the holidays, knowing that her new year was already taking shape.

We’re not going to force you to apply early–frankly, we’ll be happy to put that extra $15 or $30 into the kitty for our students.  But if you’d like to save the money for yourself, download that application and get your show on the road!


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