Applying Last-Minute? Here’s what you need to know!


With the dawn of each new year, inquiries flood in from artists who have awakened from their post-holiday sugar comas and are anxious to get a head start on their spring show schedules.  As of January 10, here are answers to some frequently-asked questions:

Q:  Are we still accepting applications?

A:  Yes, for the moment.  We are down to the last 15-20 booths, and what this means is that (a) your application needs to be in the mail like-right-this-second, and (b) we’re being very careful about not over-saturating the market for any specific type of item.  At this point in the game, we’re holding apps for a bit and then batch-jurying them, so you may not get an immediate answer on whether you’ve been accepted or not.

Q:  What types of things are NOT being accepted?

A:  We NEVER accept any buy/sell, multi-level-marketing, or that sort of stuff.  If you’re selling essential oils or personalized bags or whatever, the rule is this:  you must have made it yourself (a friend or two to help you is okay).  Otherwise, jewelry and candles/bath are not accepted after December 31.  Everything else MAY be considered if it’s significantly different from what we already have.  You’re welcome to e-mail a few photos to and ask if there’s hope.

Q:  Can you send me an application?

A:  If you’re reading this, you’re just a click or two away from one:  just go up to that top bar where it says “Artist Application.”  While you’re at it,  read through our Terms of Lease so you know what you’re signing up for.

Q:  What types of booth spaces do you have left?

A:  Booths are assigned at the last possible minute, so we can put our best effort into making sure everyone gets what they want and will best serve the show as a whole.  Ask for whatever you want, make a note of anything you absolutely MUST have, but also be aware that if we have an awesome end space sitting there, and two folks who want it, we’re going to have to go with the guy who had his application in back in October.  You’ll be refunded for anything you pay for that you don’t get.

Q:  Can I e-mail you the application and photos, and Paypal you the fee?

A:  E-mailing it is helpful, just so we know you’re serious about coming, but unfortunately we must have the hard copies of signed app and payment before we can accept you (or hold you a space).   After January 16, we will send acceptances via e-mail where possible, so you have information ASAP.

Q:  Do I have to pay the late-application fee in addition to the booth fee?

A:  Yes.  That $15 late-app fee is there to encourage folks to apply before the deadline.  When we had to raise our booth rent a number of years ago, we gave folks the opportunity to keep paying the lower price if they applied early, and balance that by also charging a late-app fee.

This would be a good time to put a sticky note on your fall calendar–if you can apply for the 2018 show by October 31, you’ll receive a $15 Early-Bird Discount in addition to not having to pay the late-app fee!


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